A new, improved website for our customers

We are very proud of the launch of our new homecare, care agency, live-in care, supported living, and clinical care services and as such wanted a website that would truly represent our passion for delivering outstanding and person-centred care.

We designed the new website to support one of our biggest strengths: community inclusion. City Force Healthcare firmly believes in bringing local communities together throughout Leeds and West Yorkshire, and we plan for our new website to become a tool to communicate this. Our lovely customers, family members, and social care professionals will be able to share success stories and the latest care news in this section of our website.

But not just any website

To ensure that the new website is both visually pleasing and easy to navigate, we worked with a specialist web designer with qualifications in computer science and human-computer interaction. This means that our new website is written using the latest web standards and is therefore modern, future-proof, safe, secure and will support our future growth.

Keeping you safe

Here at City Force Healthcare, we take your security and privacy extremely seriously, meaning that you can browse our website and use our forms with confidence. Our website security certificate gets an A rating from Qualys SSL Labs, and we use industrial-strength firewall and anti-virus protection. You can view our GDPR compliant privacy policy here.

  • Our SSL secure certificate keeps your data safe and private using military-grade encryption

  • Google ReCaptcha protects the website from nasty spam and bots

  • A Website Firewall blocks any suspisious activity

  • Industry-leading anti-malware software scans our site daily

  • We blacklist and block any attackers or suspisious activity

  • Fully GDPR compliant

  • Google compliant

  • Best-practise coding

Protecting your data under the GDPR

The GDPR stands for The General Data Protection Regulation and to put it simply, it concerns how companies collect, manage and store your personal data. It is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. It is important to note that the GDPR will still be enforced by the UK govornment regardless of Brexit.

The seven key key principles of the GDPR are:

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
  • Purpose limitation
  • Data minimisation
  • Accuracy
  • Storage limitation
  • Integrity and confidentiality (security)
  • Accountability

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